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Commercial Property Finance

Commercial Property Finance

Unlike Residential Mortgages Commercial Property Finance is more complex , is  not standardised and is priced on an individual basis depending on the type of property,the quality and financial circumstances of the client and the risk to the lender.

In most cases looking at a comparison site will be meaningless when trying to compare this type of finance however Kazlin Commercial Finance will always try to match the borrower with the most appropriate lenders in the market in order  to secure  the best  terms  for the client.

Types of Commercial Property
Whether it is for owner occupied businesses  or property investment most types of commercial property can be used to secure funding in fact Kazlin Commercial Finance has in the past raised finance on  a real A to Z basis from Accountancy Practices to Zoos.

A detailed  list of the types of  propery upon which finance can be secured in different trades is found here but this should not be regarded  as final or  exhaustive.

In general clients may borrow between 65% and 75% of the value of the property dependant on the type of property and trade  but more if further security is available.

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Reasons for Raising this Type of Finance
Commercial Property Finance tends  to be longer term finance and is generally for a specific purpose being either to purchase or refinance or to provide additional working capital however shorter term deals  can be arranged to suit the clients needs.

Often clients wish to purchase rather than rent  as if affordable it will  generally  be cheaper  over the long term and they will have more control over the business and property without  the periodic rent reviews or consultations with the landlords to change things.

Management buy outs and corporate aquisitions may also be another use for raising commercial property finance.

The Application Process and How We Work
A professionally prepared credit application or proposal will be required by lenders in order for clients to secure the best quotation  possible and before this can be completed personal details of the client  and the type of property to be used as security will be requested from the client.

Kazlin Commercial Finance have the knowledge of the market and the experience gained over many years to prepare these in the format lenders require  and where else would  business owners go for impartial advice about business finance  but from a quality broker whose main responsibility is finding the right business finance solution for them.

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Rates and Fees
As previously stated commercial property finance is complex and individually priced on the strength of the application or  proposal however  in order to achieve the best results these will be placed in front of a number of lenders to test the market.

Broker Fees
Our broker fees are generally only payable when the client has received an acceptable finance offer  We do not charge up front fees and will detail our charges in an agreement after assessing the financial needs of the client.

Lender Arrangement Fees
Most lenders will charge an arrangement fee which is either added to the loan or deducted from the loan at completion.

Some lenders will pay us a commission for placing business with them and you will be notified of this once it becomes known.

Valuation Fees
Lenders will require the commercial property to be valued by one of their panel valuers once either an agreement in principle has been indicated or as a term in the offer letter and this fee will be payable by the borrower.

The estimated cost of this fee will be notified to the client once it becomes known.

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Legal Fees
In general commercial lenders require separate  representation when taking a legal charge on property and this fee is payable by the borrower who will also pay their own legal fees and search fees on the property transaction.

An estimate of all the fees likely to be paid will be given to the client  as soon as they become known.

Read some case studies of finance we have secured for our clients here

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